Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Go The Distance

"Go the distance!" - Field of Dreams
 In less than 48 hours the mission of 40 for 40 will be underway! I've spent the past 2 months rehearsing. When the sun rises Thursday morning, so does the curtain.

Now for the game plan.

After some calculating, I've determined 10 full loops puts me in the 42 mile range. To rectify this, I devised an opening loop. Following completion, I will then run the full coarse  9 times. After each loop, I'll stop at my car to refuel. As for pacing, I'd like to run say the first 10 miles in the 15 min range. Eventually progress into 14:30-50's. I know it seems agonizingly slow. However, from my on coarse long runs, if I go too fast the first 20, the second half I'll be in Barney Rubble trouble!

Interested in tagging along? You're more then welcome! I figure to start around 6 AM and hope to finish by late afternoon. Maybe I'll have enough time for a quick shower afterwords. I do plan on coming to Casey's following the run for a beer or two. The latest weather forecast calls for sun with a high of about 50. :-)

Finally, a big thank you to everyone that has given me encouragement and support for this endeavor!! It really means so much to me! I just think of it as a run for the people. A way to say thanks to everyone who has helped make my life the past 5 years a better one.

See you Thursday!


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